A Simple Design Makes a Stunning Quilt

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Choose Your Favorite Prints for This Quilt!

Overlapping prints form a beautiful design against the dark background in this stunning quilt. This is a wonderful quilt for showing off those gorgeous prints you’ve been saving.

We love the dark navy (or is that black?) background for setting off the pretty prints. It’s easy to imagine it in other colors, as well. For example, deep red or royal blue would be stunning.

Russian Card Trick Quilt Pattern

This is a wonderful quilt for showing off your favorite prints. You’ll have fun selecting fabrics for it.

It’s an easy project, too, that you can have finished up fairly quickly. Big patches and large blocks make for easy stitching.

The quilt, from designer Tricia Maloney, is a 60″ x 75″ throw once completed.

Click here to purchase the “Russian Card Trick” quilt pattern.




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