Blooming Heart Mug Rug for Someone You Love

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Quick and Easy Project for Any Occasion!

What better way to remind someone that you love them than with this whimsical mug rug? They’ll love having this touching flowering heart in their home or at their work space to remind them of you.

As the designer, Brittany Love, reminds us:

“Love is the flower you’ve got to let grow.”
   ~ John Lennon

Blooming Heart Mug Rug

Fusible applique and machine buttonhole stitching make this go together quickly. Choose a dark thread for the stitching, as the designer did, or choose a matching thread (or even invisible thread with a zig zag stitch).

Hand or machine embroider the sentiment, or leave it off entirely for a less personal gift.

The finished mug rug is about 6″ x 8.5″. You can also add narrow and wide contrasting borders to increase the size into a small wall quilt. Better yet, line up 3 flower pots in a row, perhaps with narrow sashing in between, for a more complex and eye-catching wall quilt.

Click here to purchase the “Flower Pot Mug Rug” pattern.