Buttons Make Cute and Quirky Ornaments

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Dig Into Your Button Stash for This Quick Project!

Colorful buttons make cute ornaments when stacked together and are lovely accents for your tree. They’re also fun gifts and something you can make up quickly.

Trees may be the easiest to construct. Select green buttons in graduated sizes and a few small brown ones for the trunk.

Button Tree OrnamentButton Tree ornament from U.K. Lass in U.S.

Tree can also be colorful, as these from Beneath the Rowan Tree are.

Button Tree Ornaments

Button Tree OrnamentCindy from WyTography made a Santa and Snowman too. Notice the beads for Santa’s arms (strung on wire?). Instructions are not provided but they won’t be hard to duplicate by referring to the photos.

Button Tree Ornaments

We discovered two different methods for making the ornaments. The first, from Beneath the Rowan Tree, uses dental floss pulled through the button holes with a needle. For this method, you’ll need a needle a bit longer than your stack of buttons.

Click here for the “Button Tree” tutorial.

The second method uses cord with the end painted with nail polish so it doesn’t fray while being pushed through the holes. You can make larger ornaments with this technique from Modern Minerals.

Click here for the “Button Tree Ornament” tutorial.

Of course, you can also glue the buttons together and affix a hanging cord to the top. They’ll lose the jiggly factor but they’ll be just as cute.




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