DIY Magnetic Pin Dish

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Turn a Thrift Store Find Into a Handy Pin Keeper!

If you’ve been using a store-bought plastic magnetic pin dish, you’ll be happy to learn how easy it is to make a beautiful one yourself.

All you need is a little bowl, glue and magnets.

The bowl needs to have particular features, but the right bowl won’t be hard to find. Thrift shops and discount stores often have what you’re looking for.

Sarah Jane (Sarah Jane’s Craft Blog) tells you what her criteria was for the the little bowl.

It needed to cost less than a dollar, have a bit of a lip around the edge so that pins couldn’t be bumped off the dish, be pretty to look at, and have a little ridge on the bottom so that it would still sit flat after I glued the magnets on.

Magnetic Pin Dish

She found what she was looking for at her local Goodwill for 79 cents.

Amy at Diary of a Quilter chose a cute little rice bowl for hers.

Magnetic Pin Dish

Once you have the dish, you’ll need small round neodymium magnets and E-6000 glue.

Glue two or three magnets (depending on their strength) to the bottom of the bowl and voila! Your very own magnetic pin bowl.

Sarah Jane’s instructions are here.

See how Amy made hers here.