Dress Up Potted Plants with Pretty Fabric Covers

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Select Colors to Match Your Decor for Quick Accent Pieces!

Freshen a room with these lovely fabric flower pot covers. They’re a wonderful way to show off pretty fabric and to give your plants a quick makeover.

The pot covers have removable vinyl sleeves to protect against dripping. Or, set the plant’s pot into a container without holes in the bottom and slip the sleeve over both. For example, short deli containers work great for some pot sizes.

Fabric Flower Pot Covers

In the examples shown, floral motifs are fussy cut and fused to the sides of the covers. You can substitute a floral fabric for the pot covers or go without flowers and choose fabric of any pattern that you love.

The instructions, from designer Lori Harder, include covers to fit 4”, 6” and 8” flower pots. Crafty quilters should be able to adapt the instructions for larger pots.

Click here for the free “Fabric Flower Pots” pattern.



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