Fabric Button Boats Are so Easy to Make

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These Handy Baskets Are Also Great Gifts!

The inventive little baskets shown here, made from fabric and interfacing, are so cute. They’re easy to make, too. You’ll find yourself reaching for them again and again for storage and for displaying various goodies.

They’re also wonderful for gifts. Fill a basket with items the recipient will enjoy and watch them smile when they see the pretty basket.

Button Boats Pattern

To make the baskets, layer cake squares are adhered to firm interfacing with fusible web and cut into shape. Once sewn together, cords wrapped around buttons give the baskets dimension. Untie them to store them flat.

Button Boats Pattern

The finished baskets areĀ  6″ W x 3″ H x 3″ D.

Click here to purchase the “Button Boats” sewing pattern.

Note: The Stiff Stuff Craft Pack has enough stiff interfacing for 4 baskets. It’s available below the pattern.




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