Fiery Starburst Quilt

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Stitch Up a Splash of Vibrant Color for Your Home!

This fiery starburst quilt from designer Kimberly Einmo, found on, has all the colors of autumn. The colors are also reminiscent of citrus, making it suitable for display during other seasons as well, especially on gray days. The vibrant batik fabrics make the colors sing.

Star Burst Wall Hanging

We can see this small quilt with a black or dark charcoal background, or, perhaps a muted neutral tan for autumn. If you’re planning to use it as a table cloth, a darker background would hide stains better than a light one would (learn more about quilts as tablecloths).

Whatever colors you choose, this is a relatively simple pattern that should go together quickly. The quilting itself can be as simple or complex as you want to make it. The pictured quilt has a lot of intricate quilting, but simpler quilting would be equally charming.

The finished quilt is 48.5″ square, making it a generously sized wall quilt or table topper.

Click to download the complete instructions here.