Goodbye Craftsy, Hello Bluprint

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What Does This Mean for YOU?

It was announced this morning that Craftsy is now Bluprint. At first look that may seem like simply a branding change, but there’s a brand new Bluprint website that is meant to replace the Craftsy website and serve Craftsy customers.

If you’ve every purchased a Craftsy class, patterns or other downloadable items, here’s what you need to know.

  • Craftsy will be retired on January 8, 2019. All of your pattern downloads and the classes you purchased will be accessible at Bluprint instead. Simply use your Craftsy login at (use the “Forgot Password” button if you don’t remember your login). You’ll find your purchases in your Library at Bluprint.
  • If you go to Craftsy after January 8th you will be redirected to Bluprint. Login using your Craftsy username and password.
  • Current Craftsy members can continue to purchase individual classes at Bluprint as well as access fabric, supplies and free content without purchasing the Bluprint subscription. Or, go with a Bluprint subscription to access all of the 1300 classes and other premium content on a variety of topics (currently at the lowest pricing ever). Learn more here.
  • Craftsy kits, fabric and other supplies will be available through Bluprint.

You’ll find more information about this change and how it affects you at the following link.

Click here for “Craftsy is now Bluprint! Read more here.”

Once you log in to Bluprint you’ll have access to an orientation page. Click here to access “Welcome to Bluprint! Here’s Your Get-Started Cheat Sheet.”

UPDATE: The discussion at Facebook in response to this article indicates that not all patterns and classes have been moved to Bluprint. Our recommendation is to login to both Craftsy and Bluprint and check the Libraries. You may find, like we did, that our classes are now at Bluprint while our patterns are still at Craftsy.

While at Craftsy be sure to look in the left menu and click on either “Class Library” or “Pattern Library”. Then under “Archive” click the “Show All …” button. The area you’re looking for looks like this:

Goodbye Craftsy, Hello BluprintHere, the “Class Library” as activated. Click on “Pattern Library” and the Archive area changes to “Show All Patterns” (you’ll need to scroll down to find it, as a lot of categories pop in).

We hope everything will be moved by January 8th – if they’re planning to do so. As of today the Craftsy Library can be accessed from the Bluprint Library. However, just in case, we recommend that you download all patterns at Craftsy. If your classes have not been moved, write down the titles and be prepared to contact Bluprint Support if you find you can no longer access them at either site. Let’s give them a few days to continue their work before inundating them with Support requests. It looks like this is an evolving process. You can contact Support here.

Explore Bluprint for Free

Are you interested in learning more about Bluprint?

From 12 a.m. ET, Jan 2nd through 12 a.m. ET, Jan 8th you can explore Bluprint free of charge. Discover all Bluprint has to offer (without a credit card) by simply logging in at with your existing Craftsy username and password.

Goodbye Craftsy, Hello Bluprint

What About Patterns?

The Craftsy Marketplace, where you can explore and purchase patterns, has been dramatically downsized. In the past week or so 180,000 patterns have been removed. That means you’re likely to no longer find favorite pattern designers on Craftsy/Bluprint.

This is a huge disruption for thousands of pattern designers. They’re scrambling to find other venues so they can continue to offer their patterns.

This is also a big disruption for us here at Quilting Digest. We have showcased hundreds of Craftsy Marketplace patterns on our site. Many of those articles now have broken links, as the patterns are no longer available at Craftsy.

It’s going to take awhile for us to determine whether or not each of those hundreds of patterns can be found elsewhere. If not, we’ll need to remove the articles from our site.

Please be patient with us as we work through this process. This is a huge project that could take a few months.

Meanwhile, if you’re a pattern designer, please email us at QuiltingDigest @ and let us know where your patterns are available. Better yet, find your pattern on our site and leave a reply at the bottom of the article that includes the new link. That is the fastest way for us to get the link changed for you. If you enter a lot of links your comment may be rejected as spam. Just submit one link that takes us to where all of your patterns appear and we’ll find the rest.

You have to do what is right for your business, of course, but our strong preference would be for you to set up an Etsy shop so we can easily refer our many visitors to one location (to browse like they could the Craftsy Marketplace). Please understand that in most cases we won’t be able to link to patterns that are only available on a shopping cart linked solely to your website. Sadly, we simply don’t have the people-power to hunt down and link to hundreds of separate sites. However, if you’re on Etsy we’ll eventually find you and will be able to continue to send you visitors who are interested your patterns.

If you had free patterns at Craftsy, you’ll need to provide those via your website, as you won’t be able to list them at Etsy. Please let us know where to find them.


PLEASE NOTE: Quilting Digest has featured many patterns from vendors participating in the Craftsy Marketplace, most of which have been deleted by Craftsy. It's going to take awhile for us to hunt down new sources for those patterns. In the meantime there are many links to patterns on our site that no longer work. We apologize if this article contains one or more of those links and appreciate your patience while we straighten things out. Thank you!

PLEASE NOTE: Quilting Digest does not sell or otherwise provide patterns directly. We showcase patterns and projects from various vendors, bloggers and other sources. Please make a note of where you access a pattern (the link in the yellow box toward the end of each Quilting Digest article). That way you can contact Support for that source if you have downloading problems or other issues. Thank you!



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