Machine Quilt Beautiful Feathers With Ease

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A Quick and Beautiful Design for Filling Large Spaces!

Are you looking for a beautiful design to free motion quilt into large areas of your quilt? This paisley feather is surprisingly easy to make and does not require marking.

In fact, the free-form design can easily be altered to fit whatever space you want to cover, and will provide a beautiful finishing touch. Watch Angela Walters demonstrate how to do that in the video below.

Simply follow her easy instructions for moving around a space until the area you want to fill is done. The secret is echo quilting, which makes this design very easy to do.

You may want to try one or two test feathers before you move to the quilt. With a bit of practice you’ll soon be making them with ease. And, as you’ll see, the stitching and spacing do not need to be perfect to be beautiful.



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