Make a Mug Rug for all the Dads You Love

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Instructions Are Included for a Version Saying #1 Son!

How many dads do you know who deserve to be honored with their own special mug rug? Make one for your Dad, or make several for all the fathers you love. Whether they’re your father or not, they’re sure to enjoy receiving their own little quilt that says you appreciate them.

This handsome mug rug is a very quick project and will be fun made up in just about any color combination. If you’re not sure what they’ll like, think of their favorite team’s colors, the colors of their alma mater, and the colors they often wear.

#1 Dad Mug Rug Pattern

Of course, they’ll love whatever colors you choose, simply because it’s made by you.

The pattern, from Crafting with Lisa Marie, is a super quick and easy project. You’ll have once completed in next to no time.

Finished dimensions are not provided, but it’s probably in the 5″-6″ x 7″-9″ range.

Click here to purchase the “#1 Dad” mug rug pattern.





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