Make Hand Towels Special with Fabric and Trim

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Crochet the Trim or Repurpose Lace from Vintage Linens!

Pretty fabric and crochet trim make a beautiful guest towel for your bathroom. This is also a wonderful gift, perhaps wrapping a nice hand cream or scented soaps.

While this was designed for Christmas, we’d love to have this in our home all year long. Simply choose fabrics that work with your decor, rather than being seasonal.

Guest Towel with Crochet Trim

Select two coordinating fabrics to add to purchased towels. We love the combination of the pretty floral and stars in this example. It seems unexpected but the two fabrics work so well together.

If you like to crochet, you’ll find the trim easy to complete. If not, perhaps a friend will help (together you can make towels for both of you). Or, repurpose crocheted trim or lace from vintage linens. You may also find a beautiful decorative trim at the fabric store.

Click here for the free “Guest Towel with Crochet Trim” tutorial from A Spoonful of Sugar.




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