Must-Know Tips for Pain-Free Quilting

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A Few Easy Changes Can Reduce Strain and Make Quilting More Comfortable!

Quilters often find themselves performing the same task over and over again. While quilting’s repetitive nature is often relaxing, the positions you stand and sit it for long periods of time may not be. Consequently, you may find yourself with a sore back, wrist, shoulders or more.

In the following video Erin Russek, and certified personal trainer Michael Engman, walk through the steps of the quilting process and show you how best to be comfortable, efficient and strain-free.

They cover cutting, sewing, pressing, machine quilting and hand stitching in detail, offering many tips for making the quilting process pain-free.

Simple changes to your work space and an awareness of your posture can make quilting much more enjoyable by putting less strain on your body. It also can prevent strain-related injuries that can cut into your quilting time.



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