Prevent Bowing When Sewing Quilt Strips Together

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This Ingenious Solution Works Every Time!

When making a quilt, do you ever find yourself having to sew several long strips together? Of course you do. And you may have noticed that after a bit your piecing project begins to bow and start to lose it’s shape. The more strips you have, the more it can bow. This can happen when sewing together short 12″-15″ strips as well as long ones.

Fortunately, there’s an easy solution. Jennifer’s Machine Minute video tells you how.

“When you’re sewing a lot of strips together, it always matters the directions you’re sewing. You don’t want to sew from one end to the other end ( from top to bottom ), and then start again from the top and sew to the bottom and then add the fourth strip by starting at the same end and sewing to the bottom.

“That’s the reason you end up sometimes with a bowed or misshapen piece once your strips are sewn together. Instead, you want to change directions with every strip that you add.

“So, for strips # 1 and # 2, I might start at this end and I’ll sewn down. When I’m adding the third strip on, I’ll start with the opposite end and sew in this directions.

“By reversing direction every time I add a strip, I can make sure that my seams that are long stay accurate and sharp and there’s no bowing.”

Watch the complete video (and view the full transcript) to learn how to keep track of which direction you’re going, as well as for other pointers. These tips are invaluable for producing a patchwork quilt top that lays flat and square.

bowed strips

If the video above does not load and play once you click on it, try this one. It’s the same info from a different presenter.


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