Sew Up an Americana Mini Quilt for Someone Special

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A Great Little “Thank You” Valor Quilt Too!

This wonderful Americana quilt was designed as a mug rug but would also look lovely on a wall.

If you’d like it to be a bit larger, add a complementary border or two. You can also enlarge the pattern using these instructions.

Patchwork Americana Heart Mug Rug Patterns

The pattern includes two styles of mini heart quilts. The log cabin version is great for beginning quilters, as it’s very forgiving of uneven seams.

Patchwork Americana Heart Mug Rug Patterns

The log cabin heart would look great in Christmas colors (pictured), in pink, red and white for Valentine’s Day, or in colors for any season or event. A wedding, baby shower, teacher … just about anyone will enjoy these quilts designed by the Patchsmith.

The piecing is simple for both quilts, and they make great gifts, too. So, make several while you’re at it!

Both of these minis are about 8 inches square.

Click here to purchase the “Patchwork Americana Heart Mug Rug” pattern.