A Super Easy Design for Quilting Your Quilt

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A Go-To Pattern for Fast Free Motion Quilting!

You don’t need to be a beginning free motion quilter to fall in love with this stitch pattern. It’s fast and easy to do and produces a wonderful all-over quilting design.

Laura from Sew Very Easy demonstrates the stitch in the following video. She includes many great tips for free motion quilting that will be especially helpful for beginners (experienced FM quilters will learn something too!).

One tip is to use a fusible batting. That way you don’t need to pin or baste the layers, and there are no pins to deal with while quilting. A product she recommends is Fusi-Boo by Fairfield. We’ve heard great things about this batting so consider giving it a try.

This stitch is used in many other quilting designs so learning it now will allow you to move on to more intricate designs. Plus, you’re likely to find yourself coming back to this quilting pattern for quilts you want to finish quickly.