The Guys Will Love This Quilt (Women Too!)

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Incorporate Patches from Plaid Shirts for Extra Appeal!

Plaid patches from a husband’s shirts add richness to this lovely quilt. The quilter, Sara Collett, made it for her new nephew. However, many men and women will enjoy this for themselves.

Sara’s quilt was inspired by the “Pure Emotions” pattern by Kari Ramsay. She left the letters off and reduced the block size to produce a 40″ x 46″ crib or lap sized quilt. Sara also used more blocks.

A Quilt for a Boy

The “Pure Emotions” quilt (pictured below) finishes at 63″ x 75″. We’re guessing that Sara cut the block sizes in half for her version.

Pure Emotions Quilt

Stay with the sizing for “Pure Emotions” and add more blocks for a beautiful bed sized quilt. It will be lovely in your favorite color combination, with or without some plaid shirt patches.

It’s an easy quilt to make, too, and should be relatively quick to finish.

Click here for the free “Pure Emotions” quilt pattern.





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