These Pieced Hearts are so Easy to Make

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Vary the Color of the Hearts for Your Own Creative Quilt!

A clever arrangement of square patches and half-square triangles creates hearts across the surface of this pretty quilt. The hearts are set off to perfection by colorful patches in the background and in the border.

Deep blue stands out nicely against the rest of the quilt in this version. However, another color will be just as lovely. Just make the contrasting hearts and inner border darker than the rest so the hearts predominate.

Baby Blocks with Love Quilt

Beginning quilters will love how easy this quilt is to make, and experienced quilters will enjoy how quickly it goes together. You can speed construction even further by making 8 half-square triangles at a time (instructions are here).

The finished quilt, from designer Judith Sandstrom, is 40″ x 56″. You can easily add more blocks for a larger quilt.

Click here for the free “Baby Blocks with Love” quilt pattern.



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