This Colorful Quilt is Easy Enough for Beginners

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Pull Out Your Favorite Color Combination for a Striking Quilt!

This stunning rendition of the classic “Trip Around the World” quilt is made from varied block sizes, giving it an interesting twist. Of course, the brilliant colors add to its immense appeal.

Make up your own striking quilt with whatever colors appeal to you most. Mottled fabrics put the emphasis on color, although you’ll create an equally beautiful quilt of a slightly different flavor with small prints. Batiks will be stunning, too.

Impulse Quilt

The secret to the quilt’s design is contrast, both in value and in color. In this example, five crayon colors in descending values make the quilt shimmer with light and color.

The quilt, by designers Lucy A. Fazely and Michael L. Burns, is 88″ x 112″ once completed.

The “Impulse” pattern is included in Twisted Classics. There are many other wonderful quilt designs in this book, as well.

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