This Easy Fabric Catch-All Caddy Has Many Uses

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This handy caddy is perfect for organizing all those odds and ends that you want to keep nearby. The ribbon ties will secure it to a walker or stroller. Or, omit the ties and drape it over the arm of the sofa or your favorite comfy chair.

You can easily customize the pockets on each side. One idea is to leave one wide pocket for magazines and divide the remaining space into 2 or 3 smaller pockets for your glasses, the remote, a pen and more. However, you can divide up the pockets however you like.

Catch-All Caddy Organizer

This is also a very easy project to make. Simply select fabrics in colors you love and you’ll have one made up before you know it. The caddy makes a great gift, too, especially for those hard-to-sew-for men in your life.

Catch-All Caddy Organizer

Jennifer Bosworth of Shabby Fabrics walks you through all the steps in the following video.


You’ll also need the free pattern. It’s located about half way down the following page.

Click here to download the free “Caddy Organizer” pattern.





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