This Quilt is a Real Show Stopper

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Make it Uniquely Yours by Changing the Predominant Color!

Mustard and red making a stunning presentation in this beautiful quilt. It was inspired by an Ohio Amish quilt and will be an eye-catcher wherever you choose to use and display it.

If red isn’t your thing, consider another color combination mixed with mustard. Black immediately comes to mind.

Lancaster Rose Quilt

The coloring in the following quilt will be stunning made up in this pattern, as will many other color combinations. Stay close to the quilt’s Amish roots by keeping the mustard, or another rich color, but feel free to give it your own unique twist.

Flying Geese and Stars Quilt“Flying Geese and Stars” quilt, pattern currently unavailable. Learn more.

The quilt, by designer Janet Davis, is 90 1/4″ x 90 1/4″ once completed.

Click here to purchase the “Lancaster Rose” quilt pattern.




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