This Quilt is Hot Mat, a Topper, or Both

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Make This Up in Seasonal Colors for Holiday Meals!

This pretty table mat will be a sunny addition to your home all year long. It’s the perfect antidote for gray days and chilly evenings.

The mat will be lovely with a vase of flowers or a candle in the center. Or, hang it on a wall, perhaps with a collection of other small quilts.

You can also give the mat a layer or two of Insul-Bright batting (find it here) for heat proofing and use it under hot dishes.

The little quilt looks like a curved block inside of a circle. But, it’s all an illusion. There’s no curved piecing involved.

The pattern, by Judith Sandstrom, is 15 1/2″ x 15 1/2″.

Click here for the free “Blue Heaven Hot Mat” pattern.

You may need to enter your email address in order to download the PDF pattern.



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