This Striking Quilt is an Easy One to Make

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Showcase Beautiful Fabrics in a Limited Palette for a Big Impact!

Elegant colors and fabrics are stunning in this easy quilt. A variety of medium-contrast prints give it texture as well.

The brown, black and cream colors are striking but this quilt will be lovely showcasing any color. Blues, burgundy, violet – the options are endless. You’ll have fun watching its personality change along with the colors.

Twist & Turn Four-Patch Quilt

One simple block is repeated throughout and can be turned to create many overall designs. It’s a fun pattern to play with and a quick and easy one to stitch up.

Beginning quilters will find this a great pattern to start with while experienced quilters will love how fast it goes together. It’s a wonderful pattern for whenever you want to finish a quilt quickly.

The finished quilt is sized for a throw, at 57″ x 70″. You can easily make it larger by adding more blocks.

Click here to purchase the “Twist & Turn Four-Patch Quilt” pattern.





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