Trim Large Quilt Blocks Without Special Rulers

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Great Tips for Trimming Large Blocks with Rulers You (Probably) Already Have!

Quilts made with large blocks are quite popular as they make a big impact with less cutting and sewing. However, trimming the pieced blocks can be a challenge without buying special large rulers.

How to Trim Large Blocks with a Small Ruler“Easy as Pie” quilt pattern by Karen Walker.

Luckily, Karen Walker has created a great tutorial showing how to accurately trim large blocks with a 6″ square ruler.

How to Trim Large Blocks with a Small Ruler

Her process is clear, simple and can be adapted to any large block. Follow her method and you’ll end up with accurately trimmed blocks every time.

In the tutorial, Karen demonstrates how to align the ruler with the seams of a large pinwheel block. A little creative thinking will allow you to adapt the alignment for whatever block you’re trimming.

Click here for the free “How to Accurately Trim Large Quilt Blocks (With the Rulers You Already Own)” tutorial.

Karen’s “Easy as Pie” quilt is a very quick project that looks like you spent a lot of time. The finished quilt is 53″ x 68″ and will be a lovely gift.

Click here to purchase the “Easy as Pie” quilt pattern.