10 Time Management Tips for Quilters

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Get More Quilting Done with These Great Ideas!

Do you wish you had more time to quilt? Most quilters we know do, whether they quilt a little or a lot. One of the biggest hurdles quilters face is thinking they need a big chunk of time to be productive. While having several hours to work at a time is great, you can still be productive in small bits of time on a regular basis.

Super productive quilters build quilting into their daily routines. Even a few minutes a day can move projects along at a nice pace. If you’re one of those who keeps putting off starting a project until you have more time, consider taking a different approach.

10 Time Management Tips for Quilters

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. The quote “When eating an elephant take one bite at a time” is attributed to Creighton Abrams. It usually is interpreted to mean that to successfully complete large projects, like quilts, take it one bit at a time (rather than become overwhelmed by the size of the project).

Quilt by Danny Amazonas.

Sherri McConnell, from A Quilting Life, is one of those super productive quilters. She has written an excellent article about time management for quilters that outlines 10 tips (see the link below).

She clearly builds several aspects of quilting into her daily routine, and in the process reminds us that it’s all about priorities. If quilting is a priority, staying focused, along with a consistent daily routine, can go a long way toward making any quilter more productive.

Those elements also help guard against procrastination. Sometimes it’s easier to think about quilting (and to hang out on the Internet dreaming about quilts!) than to actually quilt.

10 Time Management Tips for Quilters

One tip of Sherri’s that has always worked well for us is to stop for the day with something ready to go the next time you walk into your sewing room. That way you can sit down and do some chain piecing, pressing or whatever the next step is whenever you have just a few minutes. Keeping a project moving, even by a little bit, helps to ward off procrastination – and gets those projects done sooner.

For more ideas about how to organize your day so you find more time for quilting, read Sherri’s excellent article of 10 time management tips. You’ll find some interesting ideas in the comments section, too.

Click here for Sherri’s “Time Management for Quilters” article.


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