12 Creative Uses for Lint Rollers in the Sewing Room

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Every Sewing Room Needs This Handy Tool!

Lint rollers, those rolls of sticky tape, are great for getting pet hair and lint off from clothes. What may not be so obvious is that they are also extremely useful in the sewing room.

Keep lint, stray threads and more under control with these handy devices. Before long, you’re likely to consider a lint roller an essential sewing tool.

Every Sewing Room Needs This Handy Tool

Image from Quilt Crazie.

We’ve compiled a list of uses below, and you’re likely to think of more.

  • Run a lint roller over the seams after ripping out. It will quickly pick up the leftover bits of thread.
  • Use a lint roller to pick up threads from the floor or carpet before vacuuming. Thread that doesn’t go into the vacuum can’t get wrapped around the roller brush.
  • Clean up your cutting mat with a lint roller. It will pick up all that leftover debris.
  • Run the lint roller around the area where your machine sits to pick up lint and threads.
  • Swipe a lint roller across the pinked edges of pre-cuts to reduce the amount of lint and such that falls out when the pack is opened.
  • A lint roller is great for picking up dropped pins.
  • Remove stray threads from your design wall with a lint roller.
  • Capture small buttons, beads and so on with a lint roller. They’ll stay put and be easy to grab when you’re ready to sew them into place.
  • A lint roller is great for dusting in places where you don’t want to send dust into the air, like around fabric that is stored openly.
  • Does your cat or dog help you sew? Remove pet hair from finished projects with a lint roller.
  • Go over a finished quilt with the lint roller to remove stray threads and lint before packing it up to give.
  • Run the lint roller over your clothes when you’re done for the day so you don’t track thread and lint through the house.

For greatest efficiency, keep a lint roller near the machine, one by the iron and another in your sewing bag.

Every Sewing Room Needs This Handy Tool

Image from sew4home.

Some brands perform better than others, but a good one to try is Scotch-Brite. Others swear by IKEA lint rollers.

You can also find lint rollers on long handles for use on the floor. And, a money-saving option is a lint roller that can be washed off and reused. Explore the options using the links below.

If you don’t have a lint roller on hand, wrap wide tape, sticky side out, around your hand and pat the surface you want to clean up.

Or, save on buying refills by using the method shown in the video below. Packing tape, duct tape and more work just fine, and are likely to be stickier than typical lint roller tape.

Click here to watch the video at YouTube if it doesn’t play on your device.

Image Source: The image at the top of the page is from A Quilting Life.


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