Apply This to Rulers for No-Slip Cutting

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An Unexpected and Ingenious Solution for Sliding Rulers!

If you’ve been quilting for awhile you probably have experienced what happens when rulers slide while you’re cutting. It’s not pretty. And, it often results in wasted fabric as well as time.

You may have already noticed, and even tried, various fixes. Some work better than others. Quilters often find one that works most of the time and stick with it.

Make Your Rulers Non-Slip

We’ve found a solution you may not have considered – and it works every time.

Dawn at First Light Designs has found an unexpected and easy solution: a flexible clear 1″-wide surgical tape called Nexcare made by 3M.

It can probably be found at your pharmacy, or get Nexcare Surgical Tape here.

The tape is affixed to the backs of rulers, providing a long-lasting grippy surface. It’s better than Invisigrip by Omnigrid for reasons we’ll let Dawn explain. She also demonstrates how and where to apply the tape.

Click here to read Dawn’s “Rx for Rulers” article.




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