Folded Hexagon Stars Make a Pretty Table Mat

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Simply Add More Stars for a Larger Topper, or Even a Lap Quilt!

This beautiful creation by Paula Tidman was made from easy folded hexagons. We love the linen-look fabric that outlines each star, however this will be lovely in whatever fabrics you choose.

The hexagons can be made in whatever size you prefer. Stitch seven stars together as Paula did for a lovely little table topper, or keep going and make it as large as you want by adding more stars.

Folded Hexagon Stars

Paula recommends the following tutorial, which provides instructions for making stars that include batting. Add Insul-Bright batting, also, if you’d like to use your finished mat on the table under hot dishes.

Click here for the free “Folded Hexagon Stars” tutorial.

Virginia Wysong provides instructions, as well, plus templates for making the stars in 3 sizes. Hers are designed to be ornaments and don’t include batting. Her simplified construction will work well for this project and you can include batting if you want to do so.

Follow the tutorial up to the point of adding the beads. Instead of the beads, press everything flat and stitch the folded pieces down around the edges.

Click here for the “Pentagon Star Ornament” tutorial.

Once you have completed the hexagon stars, hand stitch them together to finish up your table mat. This will also be lovely stitched to the front of a pillow.





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