How To Frame a Quilt

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Skip the Binding for a Super Fast Finish!

Quilt blocks and mini quilts look wonderful in frames and beautiful on a wall. Cluster several together for a lovely display of your quilting skills.

Framing is a great way to get a quilt on display quickly, and to show off orphan blocks that may never see their way into a finished quilt. Plus,  it’s super quick and easy.

How to Frame a Quilt

Frames are also a great way to display vintage blocks and small quilts, or even beautiful pieces of worn old quilts. Glass will protect the fabrics from dust that can cause old fabric to age more quickly.

Just remember to hang all quilts, whether in frames or not, in places where they won’t get direct sun. Sunlight will cause the fabrics to fade.

Frames dress up whatever is in them, and will give your small quilts extra importance. Plus, you won’t need to bind blocks or quilts that you plan to frame.

You can choose to frame with or without glass. Glass will protect the fabrics, but your quilting stitches may be easier to enjoy without glass.

Click here for framing tips from Gerri Robinson.



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