How to Protect and Clean Your Plastic Tools

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Extend the Life of Rulers, Templates and Even Your Sewing Machine!

If you look around your sewing room you’ll likely find plastic rulers, templates and maybe even a plastic machine extension. In fact, your sewing machine may be plastic on the outside.

These vital tools are usually made from acrylic, which scratches easily and can become cloudy and worn with use. Knowing how to care for your plastic tools will keep them looking good longer and can extend their usable life.

How to Care for Plastic Rulers

Miss Sews-it-all has put together an excellent article about the do’s and don’ts of protecting and cleaning plastic tools. For example, did you know to never use paper towel to wipe off a ruler? The wood fibers can scratch the acrylic. Instead, use a soft cotton cloth.

Many seemingly harmless cleaning products, like window cleaner, can also degrade plastic. And, be sure to store your rulers out of sunlight and in an area with slight temperature variations.

How to Care for a Plastic Covered Sewing Machine

Excellent tips are also provided for cleaning the outside of a plastic covered machine. And, if you have a computer screen on your machine, you’ll need to be extra careful with it.

Take a minute to read through the article and you’re sure to find some great tips to keep your plastic tools looking good and working well for as long as possible.

Click here for the “Caring For Plastic/Acrylic Sewing Tools” article.




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