Microwave Cozies are So Handy and Easy to Make

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Make Several for Your Kitchen and Extras to Give as Gifts!

If you often heat things in your microwave, then you know how hot bowls can get in a very short period of time. You risk singeing your fingers, and worse, spilling hot contents when a bowl turns out to be hotter than you first thought.

Bowl potholder cozies solve the problem, and beautifully.

These bowl-shaped hot pads are meant to go right in the microwave, with your bowl nestled inside.

Just keep in mind that these are meant for quick warming, NOT long-term cooking. Plus, be sure your cozies are made from 100% cotton thread, batting and fabric. Polyester is likely to melt and can cause a fire (as can cotton cozies that are heated for too long).

Not only do cozies make it safer to remove hot bowls from the microwave, they can also be used as hot pads on the table.

We have two bowl potholder cozie patterns to share with you.

The first is a free tutorial from Karen of Syzygy of Me. We like this pattern because you size the cozy to fit a particular bowl.

Bowl Potholder Pattern

That means you can make cozies for even your largest bowls. Plus, the instructions are simple and straightforward.

Bowl Potholder Pattern

Click here for the free bowl potholder tutorial.

The second pattern is from A Quilted Passion. There is a small fee for this pattern but it’s worth the price for the excellent instructions.

Microwave Cozy Pattern

The pattern is for cozies in three sizes. They work with both round and square bowls.

  • Regular size – Opening 7.5″, bottom 4″ square
  • Medium Size – Opening 9.5″, bottom 5″ square
  • Large Size – Opening 11″, bottom 8″ square

Click here for the “Microwave Cozy Combo” pattern.