Pretty Fabrics Make Tea Towels Sensational

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These Are so Easy to Make You Can Have a Set Done in a Flash!

Simple kitchen towels become something special when strips of pretty fabric are added. These will be perfectly lovely in your kitchen. They also make wonderful gifts for wedding showers and housewarmings.

These are very easy to stitch up. Consider making a set by matching the color or style of one of the fabrics used in each. In this example, the striped edging and coordinating colors make three towels into a set.

Fancy Border Tea Towels

Start with purchased kitchen towels. Then, select fabric for a nostalgic look. Modern fabrics, pretty pastels and traditional florals will be lovely as well. Choose fabrics that work with your kitchen for a nice pop of color.

The towels used by the designer, Alicia Thommas, are 33″ wide x 35″ high. However, you can easily adapt this project to fit any towel size.

Amazon has a large selection of white kitchen towels to choose from.

Click here for the free “Fancy Border Tea Towels” tutorial.




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