Scrappy Dotty Stars Quilt Sparkles With Color

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Large Blocks Make This Quilt Easy to Sew Together!

Get creative with your leftover fabric with this scrappy stars quilt. There’s a lot of room with this pattern to play with your fabrics and arrange them into a design that is uniquely yours.

The designer focused on fabrics with dots but you can use whatever fabrics you like best. Just follow her lead and sort the fabrics into lights and darks.

After choosing the many polka-dot prints for this quilt, designer Becky Goldsmith sorted them into two piles—one a range of lights and one a range of darks. She concentrated the lightest lights in the block backgrounds, then used the remaining lights for the light prints in the star centers and points.

Dotty Stars Quilt Pattern

Unify the quilt by making each star primarily one or two colors. Repeat those colors in the border next to each block. When finished, you’ll have a colorful patchwork quilt made of fabrics you love!

The quilt is 60″ x 60″ when completed. That’s perfect for use as a throw or tablecloth. Each large block is 18″ x 18″, making this an easy quilt to sew together.

Get the free pattern for the “Dotty Squares” quilt here.