Simple is Best in This Vintage Style Quilt

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A Wonderful Project for Your 30s Reproduction Scraps!

A simple pattern and reproduction 1930s prints come together for a quilt that brims with vintage charm. They say that sometimes simple is best, and that’s clearly the case with this lovely quilt.

Constructed entirely of half-square triangles, the quilt is an easy one to make (learn how to make 8 half-square triangles at a time, of any size, here). The magic of this quilt is in the fabrics.

1930’s Style Diamond Scrap Quilt

Select a wide variety of vintage prints, as well as low volume white prints for the background. Or, take the quilt in a different direction entirely. We can easily imagine it made up in beautiful batiks that are similar in value.

While there are no exact instructions for making this quilt, you’ll find that the quilter from Beech Tree Lane Handmade provided enough information to make a similar quilt.

The finished quilt, as shown, is 50″ x 60″. Change the size by adjusting the number of blocks. Or, make the blocks bigger or smaller.

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