This No-Slip Pad Keeps Your Foot Pedal in Place

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A Quick Project That Will Save Your Back!

Does your machine’s foot pedal tend to creep across the floor while you’re sewing? This easy-to-make non-slip pad will keep it from sliding out of place.

The pad will save you from having to stop and pull the pedal back into place. It will also save your back from stretching to follow the pedal across the floor. You’ll find it much easier to maintain comfortable posture while you’re sewing.

Sew a Non-Slip Sewing Machine Foot Pedal Pad

Gripping spongy shelf liner is the secret ingredient to these mats. A bit of batting and a pretty fat quarter will finish it off.

To begin, measure your pedal and cut the materials to fit. Add a padded bumper to keep the pedal in place on top of the pad.

The tutorial from So Sew Easy will walk you through all the steps. It also gives pointers for measuring and deciding on a size for your pad.

Click here for the free “Sew a Non-Slip Sewing Machine Foot Pedal Pad” tutorial.



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