Two Easy Methods for Sharpening A Rotary Cutter Blade

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A Common Household Item Will Get You Through in a Pinch!

Rotary cutters are essential for today’s quilt makers. These wonder tools save a lot of time cutting fabric into strips and shapes. However, like any good cutting tool, the blades become dull with repeated use.

Replacement blades aren’t all that expensive but if you do a lot of cutting you can save a substantial amount of money by sharpening used blades.

In the following video Pepper Cory shows us how to sharpen a blade using the popular Colonial Needle Rotary Blade Sharpener (get it here).

Cory recommends sharpening your blade every other day with standard use. You may need to sharpen more often with heavy use.


But what if you don’t have a blade sharpener and want to get a bit more life out of a blade? 

If you’re nearing the end of a cutting project and don’t have a new blade on hand try the following method from It should sharpen your blade enough to get you through.

Their method uses a common household item – aluminum foil – to extend the life of a blade. This isn’t a method we’d recommend for ongoing maintenance of a blade, but it should work in a pinch.

Click here for the aluminum foil blade sharpening tutorial.

Keep in mind that neither of these methods are likely to work very well if the blade has a nick or is otherwise damaged. However, worn blades can be returned to life, saving a substantial amount of money over time.






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