Weave Pretty Fabrics Into a Charming Pillow

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Start with Pre-cuts for a Quick Finish!

Strips from a honeybun pack (1 1/2″ wide) were used for this pretty woven pillow cover. The pinked edges were left unfinished for a slightly rag look.

Pompoms are a delightful finish for the edges of the pillow. The designer added an appliqued bird to the bottom right corner but you can easily omit that without reducing the pillow’s charm.

Sweet n Shabby Woven Pillow Cover

Heat n’ Bond sewable (light) iron on adhesive helps hold the strips in place, creating a flat surface for the pillow. Stitch a straight line down each strip’s edge to further secure all the pieces.

If you can’t find a honeybun you like, cut your own strips from a beautiful combination of fabrics. Pink the edges, or leave them straight and use a zigzag stitch to prevent raveling when washed. If you prefer the rag look simple straight-stitch the edges down.

The pillow cover, designed by 16″ pillow.

Click here for the free “Sweet n Shabby Woven Pillow Cover” tutorial.



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