What’s Better Than a Barn Quilt? Several Barn Quilts!

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Display a Grouping Outdoors or Inside!

Whether you live in the country, the city, or in between, barn quilts can be a lovely addition to your property and home (see examples here). While one barn quilt, large or small, will make an impact on an outbuilding, hanging from the mailbox, or on the wall next to the front door, several displayed together make a big impression. Barn quilts are also lovely displayed inside.

While barn quilts are typically colorful quilt blocks painted on squares of plywood and sealed against the weather, other long-lasting foundations can be used as well. You’ll


Indoor Barn Quilts from Red Rainboots Handmade.

When planning your display consider the number, sizes, colors, and arrangement of the barn quilts to achieve an attractive grouping. Having said that, you really can’t go wrong with barn quilts. You may want to start with one or two and add to them over time.

Here are some ideas to get you started.

A fence and gate are so pretty dressed up with barn quilts. We found this photo on Pinterest.

What's Better Than a Barn Quilt? Several Barn Quilts!

Barn quilts of various sizes make an interesting display on a barn, garage, shed, or other outbuilding. This photo is from Gardiner’s Gate.

What's Better Than a Barn Quilt? Several Barn Quilts!

Six small barn quilts in a row are a lovely welcoming touch on this front gate. Photo found on Pinterest.

What's Better Than a Barn Quilt? Several Barn Quilts!

While barn quilts are typically painted on wood, Renee Martin painted aluminum squares and covered her entire fence. Photo from Rusty’s Electric Dreams.

What's Better Than a Barn Quilt? Several Barn Quilts!

While these are not individual barn quilts, the array of colorful quilt blocks painted on an old headboard makes a lovely garden display. Photo found on Pinterest.

What's Better Than a Barn Quilt? Several Barn Quilts!

There are many DIY tutorials for painting barn quilts on the internet (here’s one). You’ll find a lot of great tips here for selecting and preparing wood for a barn quilt and sealing it against the elements, as well as for transferring your design to the wood.

You may find a class in your area as well. Or consider having barn quilts made to your specifications. If you can’t find someone local to paint them for you peruse the barn quilt makers on Etsy. There are so many ready-made styles to choose from or consider having one or more custom-made to fit your requirements.

Image Source: The photo at the top of the page is from Red Rainboots Handmade.


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