9 Easy Bandana Quilts to Inspire You

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There Is So Much You Can Do With Bandanas!

Bandanas are great for quick quilts. There are so many lovely colors available and many ways to quickly stitch them together into quilt tops. Plus, they’re 100% cotton and very inexpensive. Amazon has a nice selection of bandanas, which you can see here.

Just be sure to wash the bandanas first as they do shrink and the colors tend to bleed. In fact, you may want to use color catcher sheets whenever you wash the quilt, as they may continue to bleed.

We could not find patterns for many of the following bandana quilts. It won’t be hard to stitch up your own without a pattern. Simply follow the layout of the quilt in the picture. Most use full bandanas or cut them into triangles (2 or 4 triangles per bandana).

Chevron Bandana Tablecloth or Quilt Top

There is a tutorial for the bandana chevron tablecloth (or quilt top) by Dresden Carrie shown above. Be sure to look it over as it has some good tips for working with bandanas.

Click here for the “Chevron Tablecloth” tutorial.

You’ll find even more great tips for working with bandanas at the following link. Be sure to look it over before you begin construction.

Click here for “This Charming Quilt is Made from Bandanas.”

This lovely quilt set was posted by @marsye to Quilting Board. It uses standard-sized bandanas.

Bandana Quilt SetThis patriotic bandana placemat is from Life in Wonderland.

Bandana PlacematWe could not find information about the following quilts, therefore we can’t give credit to the designer. The design uses four bandanas and would be lovely as a table topper or baby quilt.

Bandana QuiltsA bandana quilt would be a great first project for a young quilter. Learn more about this teen’s quilt at Sylvia’s Stitches. Just click here.

Bandana QuiltThe following quilt was made for a baby. Again, we don’t know who to give credit to.

Bandana QuiltA simple block quilt with colors you love will make a nice bed quilt, and quickly. This one is from @misseskwittys on Flickr. Learn more here.

Bandana Quilt

The following quilt was made by Jillee at One Good Thing. She provides instructions to get you started.

Bandana QuiltThis pretty red and blue version was found on Pots and Pins.

Bandana Quilt

This star bandana quilt is from Sew in Peace. It doesn’t appear to be made from actual bandanas but it easily could be!

Bandana Star Quilt

There are so many ways to make a lovely quilt from bandanas. Choose one or two colors and let the bandana print pattern be the star, like in this tablecloth from Martha Stewart.

Bandana Tablecloth

Combine bandanas of many colors for a scrappy look.

Change up how the bandanas are pieced together. Use the bandanas whole or cut them into pieces.

Consider altering the overall shape, too. Sew several small bandanas end to end for a table runner, or sew several into a square or rectangle for a tablecloth or bed quilt.

Make a baby-sized quilt, a king-size, or any size in between.

You’ll find many more ideas for bandana quilts on Google and Pinterest.

There are so many options! We hope this inspires you to have fun making your own bandana quilt.




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