Creative Uses for Batting Scraps of All Sizes

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Even the Smallest Pieces Can be Put to Good Use!

Do you find yourself tempted to throw away small batting scraps? Don’t! There are so many ways they can be used, even very small pieces.

First, it helps to organize leftover batting pieces so you can easily find the size you need for any project. Sort them roughly by width, fold them, label them by size and arrange them by width in a tub or other container. You may also want to note the type of batting it is if you can’t easily tell them apart with a quick look. Learn more here.

Creative Ways to Use Batting Scraps of All Sizes

Larger scraps can be pieced together for quilts. Sew them together or use fusible batting tape. Learn how here.

Batting scraps are perfect for quilt-as-you-go blocks and rag quilts. If you have a project in mind, start cutting scraps to the size you need and set them aside until you have enough for the project. Make sure the scraps used for a project are all from the same type of batting.

Smaller pieces can be used for all types of projects: place mats, pot holders, trivets, mini quilts, coasters, bibs, bowls, boxes, bags and more.

Creative Ways to Use Batting Scraps of All Sizes

Image from SewMamaSew.

Practice your quilting with small sandwiches made from batting scraps.

And, test your stitch quality and tension on a small sandwich before you begin machine quilting.

Throw pieces too small for anything else in an old but sturdy pillowcase. Sew the end shut when it’s full. Voila. A comfy bed for a cat or small dog.

Batting also makes great stuffing for people pillows. Pull the batting apart so there are no lumps.

Pulled-apart batting can also be used to stuff pin cushions, toys and other stuffed projects.

Creative Ways to Use Batting Scraps of All Sizes

Narrow strips of batting can be used for pretty jelly roll trivets, coasters, place mats and more (based on the popular “Jelly Roll Rug” found here). Cut and collect 2 1/2″ strips until you have enough for a project. You’ll find the free “Jelly Rolls Trivets” pattern here.

Thinner strips can be used to give structure to straps for tote bags and purses.

Batting strips can also be used for the quilt-as-you-go string piecing technique developed Christina from A Few Scraps (shown below). Learn more here.

Creative Ways to Use Batting Scraps of All Sizes

Have you ever noticed how just about everything seems to stick to batting? That makes batting scraps great dust cloths.

They’re also great for wiping down your cutting mat, around the machine and the machine itself.

Monica Skov uses batting pieces for Swiffer pads, as shown in this video.

Creative Ways to Use Batting Scraps of All Sizes

As @wellphooey from this Quilting Board discussion says:

“I use them for Swiffer too. But even smaller pieces are used to ‘dust’ the sewing room. It grabs threads from all surfaces, even the machine, and then just toss it. Pin a small piece to your shirt and instead of aiming for the wastebasket with those cut thread ends, just slap them onto the pinned batting and they’ll stay there till you remove it. Of course you get funny looks when you go out shopping or to lunch and still have that thready thing hanging from your chest. Quilters will know what it is!”

Creative Ways to Use Batting Scraps of All Sizes

Image from National Quilters Circle.

Batting scraps also make great chalkboard and dry erase board erasers. Learn how to make chalkboard erasers here.

Creative Ways to Use Batting Scraps of All Sizes

If you have any batting scraps left (just kidding), tuck pieces of batting into the bottom of flower pots to cover the holes and keep the dirt in.

For more ideas, scroll down and see the comments left by other quilters.

What else can you do with batting scraps? Leave a comment below if you have an idea to add to the list!

Image Source: The photo at the top of the page is from “Recycle Your Batting Scraps the Easy Way” by Monica found on Hometalk.


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