Old Sweaters Make a Warm and Comforting Quilt

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A Wonderful Memory Quilt or Use Thrift Store Finds!

Squares cut from old sweaters make a delightful, if unexpected, quilt. Choose a variety of old sweaters in colors you enjoy for your own cozy version. Check the back of your closet or visit the thrift store to put a nice combination together.

The quilt shown here, from Made By Barb, was constructed from wool and wool blend sweaters. All-wool sweaters can be felted, if you want, or do as Barb did and work with them as is. Just be mindful of the fiber content so you know how to wash the quilt when the time comes (wool should be washed in cold water with little agitation so it doesn’t shrink, and laid out flat to dry).

Up-cycled Sweater Quilt

Wool sweaters will make the coziest quilt, but consider other fibers as well. Cotton sweaters often come in brighter colors and will make wonderful quilts.

Once Barb had her patches cut she stitched them together with a serger. If you don’t have one, Barb recommends:

“If you don’t have a serger, then you can use a straight stitch with an added zig-zag stitch to finish it and stop it from unravelling. But honestly speaking; since it is knitted sweaters, they tend not to unravel like woven fabrics. Just leave a good size seam allowance (the distance from the stitching to the cut edge) Using a tight (many stitches to the inch) stitch also helps.”

Barb backed her quilt with an old sheet (turned, with no binding), tied it and hand stitched a large blanket stitch around the outside edge. She did not use batting, although a thin layer will make the quilt even cozier.

Learn more about how the quilt was made in the following article. You’ll find some helpful tips in the comments, too.

Click here for the “Up-cycled Sweater Quilt” article.


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