Store Thread and Bobbins on a DIY Rack

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Customize It To Suit Your Needs!

Are you one of those people who functions best when everything is where you can see it? If so, this thread storage rack may be a great solution for you.

With a few simple carpentry skills, it’s easy to make a wall rack for thread storage. Nails allow you to store bobbins underneath the spools.

Store Thread and Bobbins on a DIY Rack

Thread rack by Jeni Baker from In Color Order.

Plus, you can easily customize the rack to hold spools of any size as well as any number of spools.

While quilters who go through thread relatively quickly may want to keep all of their thread in sight on this rack, do keep in mind that over time thread can become dusty and fade from exposure to light.

Store Thread and Bobbins on a DIY Rack

Thread rack by Heather from The Creative Homemaker.

You may want to keep just the spools you use most often on a wall rack and store those you seldom use in a covered box of some kind or in a drawer. Another option for keeping thread fresh is to create a clear plastic drape to hang over the box. Also, remember that thread will fade due to exposure to strong light so be careful where you hang the rack.

Store Thread and Bobbins on a DIY Rack

Thread rack by Christina Lane.

Jeni Baker from In Color Order explains how she made her rack in the following article.

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Heather from The Creative Homemaker constructed her rack a little differently. Learn how it was done in the following article.

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When calculating how wide to make the shelves and the spacing between spools on your rack you may want to allow for wraps that go around the spools and bobbins. Many quilters love these for keeping thread ends in check.

Thread WrapsYou’ll find other ideas to choose from for both spools and bobbins here.


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