A Wonderful Quilt to Cuddle With

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It’s Also The Perfect Lap Quilt for Anyone Who is Easily Chilled!

This charming puff quilt is perfect for welcoming a new baby. Leave the buttons off for a floor pad that cushions little bumps (you might tie the centers instead). 

Or, use grown-up colors for a cozy lap quilt. The added warmth of the puffs is great for anyone who gets chilled easily and for those in wheelchairs.

Actually, anyone who wants a cuddly quilt is sure to enjoy this one. And, regardless of who you make this quilt for, you’ll find it to be an easy project (even for beginners!).

Puff Quilt Pattern

Puff quilts (also called Biscuit quilts) are not constructed in the traditional way. They’re more like comforters than quilts, since there is no quilting (although you could tie the centers of each puff). However, you’ll have just as much fun selecting fabric for your puff quilt. Any pleasing color combination will be wonderful.

The finished quilt is 48″ x 48″. You can easily enlarge the quilt by adding more puff squares.

Click here to purchase the “Puff Quilt” pattern.



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