Create a Lovely Trip Around the World in Crochet

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Replicate This Classic Quilt Design in Yarn!

Easy crochet blocks in coordinating colors come together into a beautiful blanket or spread for your bed. Select a combination of yarns in your favorite colors to create your own stunning version.

Just about any pleasing color combination will work for this project. Just be mindful of value and color placement to create the overall design.

Crocheted Trip Around the World

Crocheted Trip Around the World

This is a great take-along project for sitting in waiting rooms and such. If you’re comfortable with crochet and love quilts you’ll enjoy adding this “quilt” to your collection.

The pattern, by Karen Buhr, is for a 73″ x 94″ crocheted spread.

Click here for the free “Trip Around the World” crocheted quilt pattern.





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