Easy Lavender Sachets Smell Divine

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Embellish Your Sachets with Crochet Doilies, Lace or Whatever Else Comes to Mind!

Lavender sachets are wonderful for tucking in with linens, clothing and shoes. They smell divine and make wonderful gifts for just about anyone. Plus, they’re so easy to make.

The following sachets were made by Lauren from Molly and Mama from leftover fabric and snippets of lace. Instructions are not provided but you can see how to construct them from the photos (or refer to the tutorial below).

Lacey Lavender Sachets

Lacey Lavender Sachets

Lauren was inspired by the tutorial from A Spoonful of Sugar that shows how to make sachets with tiny crocheted doilies on top.

Lavender Sachets

As the author says:

“All you need are some fabric scraps, ribbon offcuts, and little crocheted doilies. Don’t worry if you can’t crochet, you can use ready made doilies, lace motifs, or else repurpose a lace table cloth. In fact you could add a fabric yoyo, hexagons, or any other embellishment you can dream up.”

In other words, use the tutorial to get you started and have fun embellishing your sachets however you want!

Amazon has a nice selection of dried lavender, which you’ll find here.

Click here for the “Lavender Sachets” tutorial (it includes crochet instructions).





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