Fabric Woven Star Ornaments Are So Easy to Make

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You Can Easily Make Several of Them in an Afternoon!

Woven star ornaments made from paper have a long history. They’ve been popular in Scandinavia, Germany and other countries for decades, maybe even centuries. It’s easy to see why. They’re simply beautiful.

These ornaments can just as easily be made from fabric, and it’s super easy to do. Simply fuse two squares of fabric wrong sides together with Heat ‘n Bond or other fusible interfacing (choose a stiffer product for stars with more body). The two squares can be from the same fabric or two different ones.

Fabric Woven Star OrnamentsStar from Trio Stitch Studio.

Cut the fused squares into strips and fold them into stars. Secure the points in place with a glue gun or fabric glue. Easy!

Fabric Woven Star OrnamentsStars from Trio Stitch Studio.

To start, choose two squares of fabric and one square of Heat n’ Bond that are all 6 1/2″ square. Layer the wrong sides of the fabric with the Heat n’ Bond in the center and fuse to make two-sided fabric. Trim the square to 6″ x 6″. Slice the square into twelve 1/2″ x 6″ strips.

Fabric Woven Star OrnamentsOrnament found on Pinterest, pinned by Cindy Tiption. We’re unsure if this is paper or fabric.

The following video will show you how to fold the strips into a star. The instructions are for folding paper, but your prepared fabric strips will work just as well.








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