Get the Exact Same Seam Allowance on Every Machine

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An Easy Process for Staying Accurate Regardless of the Machine You Use!

Do you ever find yourself starting a quilt on one machine and switching to another mid-stream? It makes good sense to do all of the piecing on one machine so the seam allowance stays consistent. However, that’s not always possible.

For example, you may need to use a second machine if the first one goes into the shop. Or maybe you have a lightweight machine you use for classes and prefer a different machine when at home.

Get the Exact Same Seam Allowance on Every Machine

Whatever the reason, it pays to take the time to calibrate seam widths between the machines.

First, do a 1/4″ seam test on one machine and carefully mark the exact seam allowance. You’ll find full instructions here.

Then use the trick devised by Mandy at Mandelei Quilts to locate and mark the exact same seam allowance on another machine. Voila! No more inconsistencies between machines (and the resulting wonky quilt tops!).

Get the Exact Same Seam Allowance on Every Machine

Plus, you’ll end up with a card you can put in your purse or sewing bag. It will allow you to calibrate any machine you might use away from home to the exact same seam allowance as your main machine. Nice!

Click here for the “Guaranteed accurate 1/4″ seams between machines!” tutorial.


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