How to Quilt a Large Quilt on Your Home Machine

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Two Excellent Videos Cover Every Step!

Have you ever struggled with quilting a large quilt on your sewing machine? If so, you know how challenging it can be to stitch the layers together without having the bulk of the quilt get in your way or pull on the needle. While there are many techniques for machine quilting, the simplest may be your best choice.

In the following video Mabeth Oxenreider demonstrates her method. She gives great tips for every aspect of handling a large quilt, whether you’re doing straight line quilting, free motion quilting, or both. Among the things she covers are:

  • which parts of the quilt to stitch first
  • how to move the quilt through the machine
  • where and how to place your hands
  • how to avoid folds in the layers
  • how to stop and reposition the quilt
  • how to cut the bobbin thread when moving to a new area
  • the best way to support the weight of the quilt

There are many excellent tips in this video. Even experience quilters are likely to learn how to ease the process of stitching quilt layers together on a home machine.

There are two parts to the video. When you reach the end of the first section, wait for the second to begin.

Click here for the “Tips for Machine Quilting from Mabeth Oxenreider” video.


Choosing Quilting Designs

A second video by Mabeth shares great tips for designing the quilting for your quilt so it’s easy to stitch by machine. She also covers how to accent patchwork and applique motifs. This video is full of helpful tips, too, and is well worth watching.

Click here for the “Quilting Design Ideas from Mabeth Oxenreider” video.






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