Create a Memory Quilt from Men’s Handkerchiefs

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It Makes a Great Gift for a Guy Too!

Soft cotton men’s handkerchiefs make a lovely quilt that both men and women will enjoy. Because handkerchiefs tend to be softly colored, most colors will blend beautifully when combined in a quilt.

Handkerchiefs from a loved one can be made into a treasured memory quilt. Or make a gift for a special guy by using their old cotton handkerchiefs, those found at thrift stores, or even new ones. (We like this selection found at Amazon or choose between several colors and styles here.)

Make a Memory Quilt from Men's Handkerchiefs

The quilt is quite simple to make but you’ll want to add a step that’s not usually needed when making quilts. Handkerchiefs are so lightweight that you’ll want to back them with Lightweight Fusible Woven Cotton Interfacing (like this one). Even with the interfacing, the resulting quilt will be very soft and drape nicely.

Depending on the size of your handkerchiefs, you may need more or less than the number used to make the example (or cut them into squares of a different size). Those that are 15″ square will allow you to do as the designer did and cut nine squares from each one. And, you may need to alter the number of yards of interfacing needed depending on the width of the one you selected.

Make a Memory Quilt from Men's Handkerchiefs

Make sure to wash and press the handkerchiefs before you begin (new ones will shrink). Also, be sure to follow the instructions and cut off the hems after fusing on the interfacing.

The quilt shown here designed by Claudia from Create with Claudia is about 28” square. That’s a nice size for a wall or table quilt. Go ahead and add more squares for a lap or throw quilt.

To make the handkerchiefs go further, intersperse them with squares of quilting cotton or squares cut from men’s shirts (white handkerchiefs and plaid or striped shirts will make a beautiful quilt).

Click here for the free “Men’s Handkerchief Quilt” tutorial.


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