Patchwork Buttons Are a Delightful Touch

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Use Them in Clothing, Quilts and More!

If you’ve been sewing for long, you may have already made fabric covered buttons. They are easy to do and are a lovely finishing touch for a garment or other project.

Patchwork buttons are even more charming – and just as easy to make. Dig into your scrap bag and find three scraps that work well together. Stitch them together and press them over button tops. A simple kit makes the buttons easy.

Patchwork Buttons

The buttons shown here, created by Michelle at Michelle Patterns, were made with a 1.5″ button press. Follow her instructions for the piecing and you’ll soon have some lovely patchwork buttons of your own.

You’re likely to find button kits at your local sewing shop or craft store. Look for a kit with the pressing tool as well as button tops and backs (in this case size 60, 1 1/2″). You’ll want the wire loop back for stitching the finished buttons to your project. Flat backs are also available for gluing buttons to firm objects.

You’ll also find kits here. Select carefully as some are just the buttons and you’ll need to purchase the pressing assembly tool separately (make sure the tool is the same size as the buttons).

Click here for the free instructions for making “Patchwork Buttons”.




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