Rail Fence Mini Will be Pretty on Your Table

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Instructions Are Included for Two Sizes!

This beautiful little quilt is a fun project to work on in between larger ones. It’s a great opportunity to use up leftovers as well as to try out new color combinations.

It’s also a simple quilt to make. You can easily have this done and on your wall or table in just a few hours. The smaller version will make a charming pot holder, too. Just add some Insul-Bright batting for heatproofing.

Rail Fence Mini Quilt“Rail Fence Miniature Quilt” by Nancy Neal.

The pattern, from Apple Avenue Quilts, comes with instructions for two sizes: 8 1/2″ (miniature) and about 17″ (small).

Rail Fence Small Quilt“Rail Fence Small Quilt.”

The borders are handled a little differently between the two, giving you the opportunity to mix and match details to make your own lovely Rail Fence mini.

Click here for the free “Rail Fence Miniature Quilt” pattern.




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